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You know that owning a home is an essential part of the American Dream. If that dream is being crushed by a ‘credit nightmare’ we can help. While your situation is unique, there are dozens of different scenarios and we approach them all the same way, by understanding that no one is perfect and everyone deserves a second chance. That is why we provide someone to encourage you and develop for you specific credit-worthiness that lasts a lifetime. Call us today at (910) 222-8763 for a free assessment and consultation.

We provide someone to encourage and develop your credit-worthiness

Our one of a kind Rent To Own Homes program was born out of a desire to help those with less than perfect credit achieve the goal of home ownership. If you have been turned down for a mortgage we can help you qualify. Contact us today to find out how our coaching program can help you get into a rent to own home near Ft. Bragg NC and in Fayetteville NC.

As Darrin Collins, the founder of R2O Homes, reveals, “Let me tell you a secret. I am a coach. That’s how my creator made me, how he framed me and it’s what I do very well. So the culture of our R2O Homes business has evolved from that. It goes to us looking at individuals and discovering what we’ve got to do to get them from point A to point B, right? Some people come in qualified and all we have to do is find them a house. Some people come in not qualified and we have to put them on what amounts to a 12 step credit program, which we run in conjunction with our rent to own homes.”

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Wouldn’t you like to find a great home for sale in Fayetteville NC near Fort Bragg NC using  a process that is more rewarding and a little less work?  R2O Homes’ courteous, professional staff is dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and support during your transition. Whether you are a first-time buyer ready for a starter home or a seasoned homeowner looking to upgrade, we will help you through the process. R2O coaches provide the flexibility and options you desire when in the market for a new home.

If you are one of those people that find yourself already in a credit-repair program, you need to know that it may be a program without an end. Companies that offer those programs have no time table, they just work on credit scores in general. What this means is that there is no company out there selling houses that is in credit repair. Credit-repair companies work on your general credit.

We work with your credit for a strategic reason: to get into a house

We work with your credit for a strategic and specific reason. That reason is, you want to get into a house. House specific credit is different and requires attention to details that others don’t care about or maybe don’t even know about. What separates us from them is that we do know what steps to take that will move you faster toward your new credit level and into your next home.

Rent to Own Homes in Ft Bragg

There’s really no level of credit that a person has that we can’t assist. We can help everybody. Everybody can own a home. It’s just the length of time it takes and what you need to do and everyone is different. For us to find out how to help you, all you need to do is call us. Very few in the industry will educate you like we will.

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That is a very important thing. When you sit down with us, you’ll be very impressed with the information we will provide for you. If you have gone to banks or other traditional institutions which have turned you down or provided you misinformation, or told you you’re not qualified and suggest you do something crazy like apply for a credit card or buy a car and you end up leaving there with no guidance, really just some loose information much like the same information you came in with and left with the same result, you need to call us now.

If traditional institutions keep turning you down, you need to call us.

To find rent to own homes near Fort Bragg NC and in and around Fayetteville NC, please call us at (910) 222-8763.