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Rent To Own Homes In Fayetteville NC And Credit Assistance

Our rent to own homes programs in Fayetteville NC, are designed for people with all types of unique life situations. If you have tried to qualify for a mortgage but were rejected, you will need some credit assistance to help you discover what the banks and lenders won’t tell you about qualifying for credit.

If you are one of those people that find yourself already in a credit-repair program, you need to know that it may be a program without an end. Companies that offer those programs have no time table, they just work on credit scores in general. What this means is that there is no company out there selling houses that is in credit repair. Credit-repair companies work on your general credit.

We work with your credit for a strategic and specific reason. That reason is, you want to get into a house. House specific credit is different and requires attention to details that others don’t care about or maybe don’t even know about. What separates us from them is that we do know what steps to take that will move you faster toward your new credit level and into your next home.

There’s really no level of credit that a person has that we can’t assist. We can help everybody. Everybody can own a home. It’s just the length of time it takes and what you need to do and everyone is different. For us to find out how to help you, all you need to do is call us. Very few in the industry will educate you like we will.

That is a very important thing. When you sit down with us, you’ll be very impressed with the information we will provide for you. If you have gone to banks or other traditional institutions which have turned you down or provided you misinformation, or told you you’re not qualified and suggest you do something crazy like apply for a credit card or buy a car and you end up leaving there with no guidance, really just some loose information much like the same information you came in with and left with the same result, you need to call us now.

The reason? Because after sitting with us for a few minutes, you will be educated on the process, you will know exactly where you stand and just what you need to do about it. Even if you’re one of those people whom we can’t immediately put in a house, you will thank us for the education you receive because that will be your biggest tool. We’ll provide you with that education even if we have to go line by line through your credit history and break it down and tell you how you need to fix each line item with what action, we’ll do it.

Education and good information is who we are. We’ll take the time to teach you about debt to income ratio, the score mortgage companies look for and much more. We are probably the only company in this state that will do these things, but we do what needs to be done.

We have a case study of a warrant officer going through a difficult divorce and he came to us knowing that he couldn’t get a mortgage, though he had a small VA loan. So we put him in our rent to own process for about six months, in the home that he wanted, showed him some simple steps and he was able to break through and become a home owner. He not only got the house, but he ended up with good credit as well.

Some people don’t have any credit at all. No one will help them. A tractor driving farmer who never had any credit, didn’t believe in credit, always used cash. This man worked hard every day, had a family with two children and had been renting on his own for 20 plus years. We showed him some easy, simple steps on how to develop credit for home buying, getting government assistance for down payments and more. Within three months he had the house of his dreams. Now he lives in his own home.

This is every day for us in the world we live in. It is a culture of coaching and consulting. We have more great stories like these and yours can be one of them. Learn how by clicking rent to own homes in Fayetteville NC.