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Help! My Parents Are Overspending

It’s been decades since your parents taught you about spending and saving, and now their behavior makes you wonder if they’ve forgotten everything they taught you. And yet they might see your questioning as an intrusion. What’s a perplexed adult…

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4 Things to Do Before Buying a Home

Many of us who’ve grown up in or around military households are familiar with the six Ps. It’s a military mantra created to encourage preparation in tasks big and small. The six Ps are: Prior proper planning prevents poor performance.…

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Are You Saving Too Much?

Americans are becoming a bunch of tightwads. Despite economic improvements, consumers increasingly favor saving over spending, according to Gallup’s April 3-6 Economy and Personal Finance poll, and individuals’ preferences aren’t tied to whether they expressed financial concerns or confidence in…

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4 Reasons to Refinance

As many people look to buy or sell homes this spring, you may be perfectly happy in your current home. But even if you stay put, you might want to look into whether refinancing makes sense for you. Here are…

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