Important Information

Important Information


Thanks for visiting our rent to own homes campaign.  Now, before you go looking around, we wanted you to know that you will need to provide your credit score when you are negotiating terms of your property…. and once we know where you are, we can coach you to credit worthiness that will last a lifetime. Wouldn’t you like to look into some credit coaching?

Also, great rent-to-own deals sell very quickly. Don’t lose your dream home because you were unprepared. Act Now!

To obtain your credit score, and book your free 20 minute consultation  pick a date and time.

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We aren’t concerned with bankruptcies or foreclosures, we just want to know you have an ability to pay and get you into a home.


When planning out your rent-to-own or lease option agreement, your credit scores may be REQUIRED.


By pulling your credit yourself you will NOT negatively impact your credit score. 

In fact we’ll even coach you with easy steps to improve it.

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