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Rent-To-Own-Homes Group Added To Fayetteville Network

For Immediate Release: March 20th, 2015 Fayetteville NC: Real estate trendsetter R2O Homes, a division of Ai Holdings Inc, has been selected as the most recent addition to the Fayetteville Business Connection, a group of local businesses which, in addition to regular products and services, provide free, usable information to the public. In the case of R2O Homes, that relates to rent to own homes and direct home sales in Fayetteville NC.

R2O Homes in Fayetteville NC has been added as the newest member of the Fayetteville Business Connection network. The business is owned and operated by husband and wife Darrin and Lindsay Collins.

The FBC network consists of three dozen local businesses and groups which meet a required set of practices, including but not limited to: trendsetting techniques in their industry, providing education and information, integrity, good products and services, honesty, consistency and being friendly to the military, considering that the local Fort Bragg base is one of the largest in the country.

Each business must also display the willingness to educate consumers and answer their questions, thereby providing free, useful information to help people overcome challenges in their buying decisions.
Businesses are selected by a team of researcher members who search for one business per industry which provides essential services that consumers need in their lives and ranges from auto sales and repairs to internal medicine to weight control and fitness.

Owner Darrin Collins considers himself a coach of the first order. He said, “I’ll tell you this, I am a coach first and foremost. I think it’s in my DNA. I believe that’s how my creator made me, how he framed me and it’s what I do very well.” Indeed , he does it so well, that the culture of his company is built around the coaching model, something not normally found in real estate companies or financial institutions.

R2O Homes as a company has one mission: to educate, inform and otherwise support people in their serious quest to become home owners. Darrin and his coaches consult with individuals who find it challenging to become home owners and discover what they will need to accomplish to move them from where they are to their goal of home owner.

Some people come in qualified and R2O proceeds to find them their dream house. Some people come in not qualified and they have to be placed on what resembles a 12 step coached program to help them reach what was formerly an elusive goal.

James, one of R2O’s top coaches, puts it this way, “Some people have given up hope of having their own home. I tell them they might have failed before, but I will help them succeed. It’s not a matter of can or can’t, it’s a matter of their desire, our coaching program and time. When people reach their goal they are ecstatic. To me, that’s the bottom line.”

According to Don Matheson, FBC President and CEO, “FBC has companies that are new and some that have been in business over 100 years. The coaching team at R2O Homes provided me more useful, usable information about home buying in one hour than I had ever heard. They displayed a unique willingness to spend whatever time it takes to help someone understand how to succeed in buying a house. They will be a welcome addition to our group.”

For more information about the company and their properties, visit and

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Their physical location is:

Ai Holdings/R2O Homes
2016 Hope Mills Road
Fayetteville NC 28304
(910) 222-8763

For more information on Fayetteville Business Connection visit, email address: or call Ann at (910) 484-7946.